our commitment

Our Commitment

National Hardware's vast expertise and commitment to excellence mean retailers can rely on National Hardware to thoughtfully consider every detail and go to extraordinary lengths to bring them the quality products, smart merchandising solutions, effective marketing and inspiring new ideas they need to be successful.

Smart Merchandising Solutions​

National Hardware created its packaging system with the consumer and retailer in mind. We provide a color coded, scalable and customizable planogram so you can base your set on demographics and volume, not a pre-planned one-size-fits-all program. Our customized planograms are tailored to maintain your store's strategic market position.​

The National Hardware packaging system offers a variety of advanced packaging features:​

  1. Inspirational Images
  2. Modern Category Colors
  3. Iconography with Key Product Feature Callouts​
  4. Easy to follow Installation Instructions
Gate Suite Kit

Color-coded Categories

7,500 Builders Hardware Skus
  • Rope and Chain
    • Cable & Wire Accessories
    • Chain Accessories
    • Rope Accessories
    • Tie Downs
  • Gate Hardware
    • Gate Hinges
    • Gate Kits
    • Gate Latches & Locks
    • Gate Parts & Accessories
    • Gate Springs
  • Garage
    • Garage Door Cables
    • Garage Door Locks & Handles
    • Garage Door Parts
  • Home Hardware
    • Handrail Brackets
    • Home Accessories
    • Hooks & Hangers
    • Pulls, Handles & Knobs
  • Hinges
    • Door Hinges
    • Hinge Parts
    • Specialty Hinges
  • Storage and Organization
    • Peg Organization
    • Storage Organization
  • Reinforcement
    • Decorative Heavy Duty Reinforcement
    • Joist Hangers & Ties
    • Metal Corner Braces & Brackets
    • Metal Straps & Plates
    • Post Brackets
  • Screen and Storm
    • Patio Door Hardware
    • Screen & Storm Door Closers
    • Screen & Storm Door Latches
    • Screen & Storm Door Parts
    • Screen & Window Screen Hardware
  • Security
    • Catches, Latches, Locks
    • Chain Locks and Slide Bolts
    • Child Safety
    • Door Guards & Reinforcement
    • Door Locks
    • Hasps
    • Window Locks & Sash Lifts
  • Hobby & Craft Hardware
    • Decorative Corners and Braces
    • Decorative Handles & Pulls
    • Decorative Hasps & Closures
    • Decorative Hinges
  • Picture Hanging Hardware
    • Picture Hangers
    • Picture Hanging Hooks
    • Picture Hanging Kits
    • Picture Hanging Nails and Fasteners
    • Picture Hanging Tools & Clip Strips
    • Picture Hanging Wire
  • Closet Hardware
    • Closet Accessories
    • Closet Brackets & Supports
    • Closet Rods
  • Wire Goods
    • Metal Hooks
    • Metal Rings & Bolts
    • Screw Eyes
    • Turnbuckles
  • Metal Stock
    • Coupling Nuts
    • Metal Bars, Channels, Angles
    • Metal Rods & Tubes
    • Sheet Metal & Flat Bars
  • Exterior Barn Door
    • Exterior Barn Door Hangers
    • Exterior Barn Door Parts & Accessories
    • Exterior Barn Door Tracks
  • Plant Hanging Hardware
    • Plant Hangers & Chains
    • Plant Hanging Brackets
  • Outdoor Hinges
    • Post & Hook Hinges
    • Strap Hinges
    • T-Hinges
  • Barn Door Hardware
    • Barn Door Handles & Pulls
    • Barn Door Locks & Latches
    • Barn Door Accessories
    • Barn Door Kits
  • Door Hardware
    • Bifold & Sliding Door Hardware
    • Door Accessories
    • Pocket Door Hardware

Customized Merchandising

National Hardware provides a cohesive suite of merchandising components developed to create a total aisle experience for consumers and retailers alike. Our packaging and design system was created to include the greatest amount of SKUs while eliminating wasted space. By providing a larger variety of card sizes, we allow retailers to fit a greater amount of product into the set , which ultimately means customers see a higher ROI per square foot. Our innovative design makes our planograms completely scalable – and they can be customized based on each customer’s unique needs.
  • Custom sets to meet the unique demands of each customer
  • Specific product categories allowing for a better shopping experience
  • Merchandising aids created with the customer in mind
  • Color-coded packaging for a simplified shopping experience
Planogram Display

Customized Planograms

POG Screenshot

Using state-of-the-art technology, we can customize your sets based on how and why our customers shop your aisles.

  • Best-in-class planogram customization tool
  • Rapid drag and drop technology makes on-site customization possible
  • Filter assortments based on wholesaler and warehouse listings
  • Cloud based model strengthens best practice sharing

Please contact Customer Service for more information.