• Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Safety Goggles
    Safety Goggles
  • Screw Drivers
    Screw Drivers
  • Screws
  • Tape Measure
    Tape Measure

Other Supplies

  • ● Four – 1 x 6 – 12′ Decking Wood
  • ● Three - 2 x 4 - 8'
  • ● Outdoor Solar Heated Shower Column
  • ● Bamboo Or Teak Floor Mat (optional)
  • ● 2 1/2" Deck Screws
  • ● 5/8" Deck Screws
  • ● Concrete Screws
  • ● Wood Stain Or Paint (Optional)
  • ● Circular Saw
  • ● Chop Saw
  • ● Screw Gun
  • ● Speed Square
  • ● Tape Measure
  • ● Pencil
  • ● Paint Brush (if painting/staining)
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Step 1

Measure and Cut

Measure and cut two 2 x 4's to 72" and two 2 x 4's to 36" with a circular saw. These will be used to make the frame of the shower screen.


Modern Outdoor Shower

Step 2


Screw together the four pieces using deck screws with a screw gun to make a rectangular frame.


Modern Outdoor Shower
Modern Outdoor Shower

Step 3


Determine the location of your shower area. This installation was placed on a brick paver patio using the patio and exterior concrete house wall as anchor points. Attach one National Hardware 2 1/2″ Corner Brace to the top of the wall and the bottom of the floor surface.



Modern Outdoor Shower
Modern Outdoor Shower

Step 4


Attach the frame to the corner braces (angle brackets) with the screws provided in the package.

Modern Outdoor Shower

Step 5


Cut fifteen 3' long planks from the decking wood. Decking wood has rounded edges which can be safer around wet surfaces. These planks will be used to create a shadowbox privacy screen.


Modern Outdoor Shower

Step 6


Attach one of the 3' long planks to the bottom (as shown). Make sure that this first piece is level to ensure that the entire screen will be level.

Outdoor Modern Shower

Step 7


Measure and mark the locations for the attachment of the planks, leaving a four inch space between planks.


Step 8


Cut a 4" block out of leftover wood. The block will help you to leave a 4" space between the planks as you install them. Using your screw gun, attach the planks to the frame. Build one side of the screen with this process and then repeat the procedure on the back side.


Modern Outdoor Shower
Modern Outdoor Shower

Step 9

Optional Shower Seat

For the seat (optional), measure and cut two pieces from the 2 x 4’s to be 10" long, two pieces to be 12" and one piece to be 16". 

Screw the 10" piece to the screen at your desired height (around 16”) to make the back portion of the seat. 

Screw one 12" piece to the 10" piece (that you just attached) to one side of the frame and repeat on the other side. 

Next attach a 10" piece to the two 12" side pieces, creating the front of the seat. 

To give the seat enough support, we felt it necessary to attach the 16" 2 x 4 to the center front of the 10"piece. Once you've attached the center support you can place and attach the two 12" pieces of decking that you've cut to create the finished seat. 


Modern Outdoor Shower

Step 10

Optional Soap Shelf

Attach two National Hardware 2 1/2″ Corner Braces to the screen at your desired height for a soap shelf. Use a leftover 6” piece of the decking wood to make this shelf. Attach with enclosed screws.


Modern Outdoor Shower

Step 11

Paint or Stain

Paint or stain the outdoor shower screen with exterior house paint, fencing paint or stain. 

Modern Outdoor Shower

Step 12

Towel Hooks

Add National Hardware 3" Coat & Hat Hooks on the backside of the screen for towels.
Modern Outdoor Shower

Step 13

Install the Outdoor Shower

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation of the outdoor shower, placing next to a water hose source.
For stability on a concrete or paver patio attach directly with concrete screws. There are lots of options for outdoor showers from free standing to those that need to be attached to the screen. Add an optional teak or bamboo screen to the floor under your shower for comfort and drainage.
Modern Outdoor Shower
Modern Outdoor Shower


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