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Barn Door Slide

Whether you recently added a barn door, or you've had one for a while, the options for adding privacy to barn doors is very limited. National Hardware is proud to announce the newest interior barn door lock, a simple solution to create instant privacy for your barn door.

Considerations for adding a Barn Door Lock

# 1
Select Your Room

(Ideal for your Bathroom, Bedroom, or Home Office)

Whether you tired of looky-loos in your hall bathroom or looking to add a sliding barn door to your master bedroom but afraid of lack of privacy, this barn door locking hardware is the answer to your problem. Unlike other locks on the market, this lock can be installed on either side of a sliding, by-passing, bi-folding or pocket door. This allows for versatile installation on a variety of spaces and configurations.

One of the best qualities of this lock is its emergency release mechanism. Most locks on the market require you to uninstall your sliding door completely if you get locked in or out. This emergency release removes the worry of having a young child or elderly adult being locked in or out. It functions like a standard door and requires a small hex tool to be inserted into the strike plate to instantly release the interior barn door lock.

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# 2
Select Your Finish

With its sleek, modern design, this barn door privacy lock will not disrupt your door's unique style but simply add a functional quality. Whether you are looking to create a quiet work from home office or want to avoid being disrupted in the bathroom, this lock will work for any space. No need to let your privacy get in the way of your style.

Without disrupting your interior room aesthetic, this discreet barn door privacy lock, available in premium finishes such as matte black, brushed gold and satin nickel, will compliment any unique door design.

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Get Back Your Privacy

The lock is simple to install and requires little experience in installing. With easy to follow installation instructions and step by step videos, in just under 30 minutes this barn door lock will help restore some much-needed order to your space.

How to Install a Barn Door Lock

Step 1

Secure the Barn Door Latch

Secure the Barn Door Latch

First, make sure that your sliding door is properly hung, and check to see that there's at least a one-inch overlap with the wooden door and the frame. Now for installing the lock. First, you'll position the latch on the doorframe edge that is closest to the door and make sure that the latch is level.

Then mark and drill pilot holes for the latch.

Ensure the latch lip is flush to the wall and frame. Now secure the latch to the doorframe with the included wood screws. Use a screwdriver to hand-tighten these.

Step 2

Prepare the Barn Door for the Latch Bolt

Drill on Barn Door

Now it's time to prep the door.

Start with extending the latch bolt by pressing it in and releasing it.

Then close the door and mark the strike center position on the door. Ensure there is a minimum of one inch from the strike center to the edge of the door.

You'll use this mark as a guide to drill a pilot hole.

Now drill halfway through the door. You'll complete the hole from the other side to ensure the wood doesn't split.

Step 3

Install the Lock Strike

Install the Lock Strike

At this point, you'll install the strike through the door with the flange pointing away from the latch like this.

Next, retract the latch bolt by pressing it in. Then slowly close the door and make sure the strike does not collide with the retracted latch bolt.

If it does, you'll need to hold the strike flange while twisting the strike cylinder clockwise to shorten it until it no longer collides.

At this point, you'll install the strike through the door with the flange pointing away from the latch like this.

Next, retract the latch bolt by pressing it in. Then slowly close the door and make sure the strike does not collide with the retracted latch bolt.

Step 4

Install the Strike Trim to your Lock

Install the Strike Trim to your Lock

Now let's finish off the strike by installing the trim and the ring. Tighten the cylinder by hand to complete installation.

Step 5

Test the Emergency Release

Test the Emergency Release

One of the best features of this lock is the emergency release button, which gives you access to the door from the outside if it's accidentally locked by a child.

Test it out to make sure the actuator extends far enough to extend and retract the latch bolt.

If it's not quite hitting, you'll need to adjust the strike flange.

Next, you'll press and hold the emergency release to extend the actuator, then lengthen it by twisting counterclockwise. Then move the clip onto a groove further back on the actuator shaft.

Finish up by twisting the actuator face clockwise until it's fully tightened.

To engage the emergency release, insert a hex wrench.

Step 6

Install the Latch Handle

Install the Latch Handle

Now let's install the latch handle and secure it with the screw.

This provides an easy-to-use handle so you can lock and unlock the door from the inside.

Step 7

Enjoy Some Peace and Privacy

Enjoy Some Peace and Privacy

The National Hardware Barn Door Lock is easy to install and even easier to use.

It's the perfect way to maintain the design features you love about your barn door, while adding privacy and the chance to relax.


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