Blanco Bungalow Laura Genevieve

Laura Genevieve


A 1200 square foot Spanish Bungalow, built in 1920 in Long Beach, California. We moved to Long Beach in October 2018 from Venice Beach, CA. After giving birth to my son, Coyote in 2017, we both decided it was time to purchase our first home. My dream home has always been a little Spanish Bungalow loaded with charm and history and found an adorable little up and coming neighborhood in Long Beach that we could afford. I found a listing that didn’t look too promising (our realtor seemed shocked when I said I wanted to look at it), but I saw Spanish and arches and I knew we had to take a look. There was purple carpet, brown walls, no sunlight, and it needed some serious love, but we saw her good bones and all the potential. We’ve since been restoring her one step at a time. We’ve learned everything as we go (mostly from youtube videos:), and some projects don’t go quite as planned.

I hope you’ll follow along with me as I take you on our renovation and design journey of the Blanco Bungalow