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Closet Upgrade

Do you have a closet full of old wire shelving and want an upgrade? This closet recently received an upgrade and had all of the wire shelving replaced with wooden built-ins and new quality hardware.

Closet Upgrade

Hanging Hardware

When you think of closet hardware, the first thing you think of is hanging rods...right?! Closet rods that are usually included in the wire shelf kits are flimsy and once loaded up with all your hangers and clothes, feel like they could fall at any moment. Investment in nice, heavy duty hardware is one of the most satisfying upgrades to a closet that you can make!

The National Hardware heavy duty closet flange set comes with two pieces to assist with hanging a new closet rod. There is one open flange (shown here in the Oil Rubbed Bronze finish) and one closed flange.


Closet Flanges

To install the flanges, simply secure them to the wall using the hardware provided. Be sure to measure the same distance out from the wall and down from the ceiling for both flanges.

Once the flanges are installed, you simply insert the hanging rod into the closed flange and then slide the rod down into the open flange. This allows you to not only install the flanges before you install the rod, but it also makes the rod easily removable.

Closet Upgrade Cut Rods

With the proper tools, the hanging rod can be cut to custom lengths. Two eight foot long rods were cut into several smaller sections for this closet.

Closet Upgrade Heavy Duty Closet Rods

One of the benefits of using the heavy duty closet rods is that, if installed properly, it can hold more weight than a standard hanging rod. If you've ever watched your hanging rod bow as you add all of those jeans to it, you understand the need for a heavy duty rod! In addition to the added support, the closet rods are available in a variety of finishes allowing the customization of the style of your new closet.

Shelf Supports

Shelf Supports

Solid shelves are a great addition to any closet! One of the easiest methods for the installation of solid shelves in both closets or custom furniture is using shelf supports. Holes for the shelf supports were drilled using a shelf support jig allowing easy placement and spacing of the support holes. Once the holes are completed, you can press in the shelf support in the four corners and install the shelf.

Adjust Shelving Heights

With multiple shelf support holes, you can adjust your shelving heights to fit your needs. The shelf spacing can be easily adjusted by moving the shelf pins up or down. If you need to secure your shelves, the shelf supports have a hole placed on the bottom, allowing for the support and shelf to be screwed together.

Wire Coat / Hat Hooks

Wire Coat/Hat Hooks

The National Hardware wire coat/hat hooks allow for easy organization and storage of odd shaped hats, coats, and other items. These wire coat/hat hooks come in both brass and zinc plated finishes. If neither of these options fit your style, you can simply spray paint them! These hooks were spray painted black and look great with the dark flange and closet rod hardware!



Installing Coat Hooks

Installing the wire coat/hat hooks are a breeze with the screw tip on the wire! Simply drill a small hole with a drill bit a little smaller than the screw tip and then twist them in by fasteners are needed!

Hanging Necklaces and Bracelets

Who says that the wire hooks can only be used for coats and hats?! They are also perfect for hanging necklaces and bracelets. You can hang a few in a row to display your necklaces, making it easier to see and access your jewelry. This beats having to untangle necklaces stored in a jewelry box!

Built in Dressers

Charleston Pull

The built-in dressers for this closet are rather large and smaller drawer hardware didn't fit the design style desired. The National Hardware 10" Charleston Pulls were the perfect solution to provide a larger, heavy duty pull.

Transform into dream Closet

The increased depth of the Charleston Pulls provides easy grip and access into each drawer. They certainly added character to the space too!

With the replacement and installation of quality hardware, an existing, or new space can be transformed into a dream closet! Sometimes, just simply replacing hardware can make a huge difference!

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