• Hammer
  • Nails
  • Screw Drivers
    Screw Drivers
  • Screws

Other Supplies

  • Cup hooks
  • 2 Shelf brackets (I went with 8 inch ones for a 1x8 shelf)
  • 1x8 Pine board cut at 2 ft
  • 1x4 Pine board cut at 2 ft
  • Favorite stain
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Step 1:

Stain Your Boards

Start by staining your two pine boards and letting them dry.

Attach your brackets and screws
Step 2:

Attach Your Brackets and Screws

Once your stain is dry attach your brackets and evenly space out your cup hooks and drive them in using your hands. I placed mine 2.5 inches back and evenly spaced apart.
Attach your brackets and screws
Step 3:

Attach Back Shelf

Sit your shelf on it's side, attach the back shelf with wood glue and nails. 

Instant Coffee Bar Shelf! 

Make sure you attach the shelf to a wall where the brackets can be secured with screws going into studs or use drywall anchors. 

Finished Product DIY Shelf
Finished Product Ashlee

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