• Pliers
  • Safety Goggles
    Safety Goggles

Other Supplies

  • - Wire cutters
  • - Floral wire
  • - Flowers and greenery
  • - Backdrop
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A backdrop is also a great way to add extra décor. If you’re having a tropical themed party, you can use palm fronds and bright hibiscus flowers. If you’re having an afternoon baby shower you can use dainty baby’s breath or lavender. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. This backdrop is so easy it does require any drilling or gluing and only requires flowers, wire, wire cutters, and a backdrop (cloth or wood for example).

Hanging Flower Supplies

To start you'll need the following supplies:

- Wire cutters – Since the wire is not thick you won’t need heavy duty wire cutters. We recommend basic wire cutters to cut the floral wire.

Floral wire – The floral wire will be used as the base of your floral backdrop. The flowers/greenery will be attached to the wire.

- Flowers and greenery - Used to decorate the backdrop, mix and match to fit your décor. We recommend picking different tones of colors in your flowers, and different types of greenery (small leaves, large leaves, small hanging sprigs, etc.) to add complexity.

- Backdrop - We used a simple white flat bed sheet, but if you want to really bring the garden into your backdrop you can use fake grass or moss.

Floral Hoop
Step 1

Measure out wire to cover backdrop (approximately 5’ – 6’)

DIY Floral Backdrop - Step 2
Step 2

Cut flowers leaving at least 1-2” of stem to wrap the wire around

Floral Hoop
Step 3

Secure Flowers

Secure flowers by wrapping the stems 3 times with floral wire, leaving at least 3“ in between each flower
Hanging Flowers
Step 4

Continue until all wire is covered

That's all it takes to create your very own floral backdrop. Four simple steps and in a matter of minutes you can add a selfie worthy photo spot to your wedding or party.


Hanging Flowers


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