• Pencil
  • Safety Goggles
    Safety Goggles
  • Screw Drivers
    Screw Drivers
  • Tension Saw
    Tension Saw

Other Supplies

  • 2 – National Hardware Wide Corner Braces
  • 12 – 3/4″ National Hardware Cup Hooks In White
  • 1- sheet 3/16” plywood door skin
  • 2 – 8 foot 2 x 4
  • 1- 8 foot 1 x 4
  • 1 – roll of marble look contact paper
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For a 6’ tree (which includes the base), measure and mark 40” across the bottom of the plywood. Next measure up 5′ from the bottom of your measurement in the middle. Trace from the outside of each mark at the bottom up to the center mark at the top. You should now see the even triangular shape of a Christmas tree.

For 3 shelves as shown, measure the size you would like to make your shelves and mark the lines directly on the plywood. 

Cut out the Christmas tree shape from your plywood with a circular saw.

Then cut the 1 x 4 shelves with a chop saw according to your measurements. These will be “floating shelves”, so you’ll be screwing them on through the back of the plywood.

Next you’ll be building a stand to hold up the Christmas tree. Using the chop saw, create a box that’s more than half the width of the tree. We estimate this to be 24” wide and 12” deep.

Attach the legs to the stand.

The National Hardware Wide Corner Braces are decorative, and will enhance the look of the base. These can easily be spray painted to coordinate with the color of your wood Christmas tree!.

Enhance the look of the wood Christmas tree by adding contact paper or painting in any color that you like!

Screw the wood shelves through the back with 1” drywall screws. If using contact paper, pre-drill holes so that you don’t damage the front.

Attach the legs to the back with 2” drywall screws. For extra stability use caulk and clamp the legs. Allow to dry for several hours.
National Hardware Cup Hooks

Add 12 of the 3/4″ National Hardware Cup Hooks In White at random heights.

Hang and embellish with ornaments, lights or other holiday decorations of your choice!
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