Shelf - 2 Examples

Create More Space

A lot of older home have cabinets that are just too small for modern appliances or are awkwardly shaped or take some real maneuvering to get pots and pans out. Having open shelves eliminates the confinement of having predesigned space for your dishes and appliances. You can make the space fit your needs, instead of having to fit what you can, where you can.
Floating Shelves


Probably the most obvious benefit to open shelves is that you can actually see what you have. You no longer will have guests searching every cabinet for a coffee cup, and looking for that box of Christmas ornaments in the garage will be a breeze, because everything will be in its place in plain sight.
Floating Shelves - Inviting

Makes the space more open and inviting

Cabinets can make a space feel closed off, and confined, especially if they are a dark color. Having open shelves literally opens up a space for more natural light, without taking away the storage space you need.
Floating Shelves

A budget-friendly way to spruce up a space

If you have a small budget and limited time, adding shelves is a practical way to add more storage without breaking the bank. New cabinets can be expensive, and time-consuming to put in. Adding open shelves can be an easy DIY project to tackle on a weekend.
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