Anti Sag Gate Kit
Put a stop to sagging gates

Anti-Sag Gate Kit

Made of tough-as-nails steel, in order to hold up to the wear and tear of frequently used gates. This gate kit is made with product longevity in mind and designed for use with your most demanding gate projects.
Stock # N109-060

Anti-Sag Gate Kit

Black, Boxed
  • indoor
  • lifespan
  • weatherguard

Product Description

  • Designed to keep new gates sag-free over time
  • Includes welded hinges for added strength
  • Installed on the interior facing side of the gate.
  • Modern design
  • Detailed instructions for easy installation


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Proven to be 3x More Resistant

Our WeatherGuard™ protection is proven to be 3x more resistant to corrosion vs. our competitors. It's formulated to withstand the harshest weather conditions and stand up to the corrosive effects of pressure treated lumber. Extensive testing and field use have proven WeatherGuard is far superior in corrosion resistance over competitive standard zinc-plated products.