Adjustable Bungee Cords
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Adjustable Bungees

Whether you are strapping your kayak down for an afternoon trip, or mounting your paddles to the wall of your garage, Adjustable Bungee cords will do it all.
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Adjustable Bungee

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40", Black, Visual Pack
  • indoor
  • lifespan

Product Description

  • Wall Mountable - organizing your garage just got 10x easier
  • Adjustable - from 9" to 60"
  • Interchangeable - swap to a s-hook to secure your cargo
  • Innovative Securing System - lock your bungee to any length
  • 2 Pack - if 5 feet isn't enough, now you have 10 feet
  • Use for tie -down, organization or outdoor recreation



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  • Packaging
    Visual Pack
  • Wall Mountable
    Wall Mountable
    Organizing your garage just got 10x easier.
  • Adjustable Graphic
    From 9 inches to 60 inches.
  • Interchangeable
    Swap to an S Hook to secure your cargo.

Three Easy Steps

The innovative slip-resistant securing system allows the adjustable bungee to lock at any length
  • Adjusting bungee cord length
    Adjust Length
  • Latching bungee cord
  • Locking bungee cord
    Lock in Place

Security System

Innovative Security System

Patent-pending clamping mechanism provides superior hold strength.